About me

My name is Cristina

I live in Bologna, and I am a translator and content writer for web marketing and ecommerce.


I provide translations from English and German into Italian. My specializations are creative writing and translation for websites and ecommerce.


Why Should You Hire Me?


Since I was young, I have always loved writing in my own language. I have always been fascinated by the ways Italian language changes, from tv broadcasts to advertisements and social media marketing. These are the changes one needs to keep up with as a linguist, in order to provide the most accurate translations. Although this is more of a pastime for me rather than a duty.

My SEO skills, combined with a thorough knowledge of the Italian language and a touch of creativity allow me to create texts that are effective for marketing and ecommerce.

I’ve lived in Italy all my life. I know what makes Italian people tick and how you can best market your business using the right words and tone of voice. My deep understanding and appreciation of the Italian culture further enhances my ability to translate and write content that will convert visitors into customers.

My aim: to help you expand your business into the Italian market and attract long-term clients.

How? By creating tailored content for your brand.

Whether your content needs to be translated or written from scratch, I will make it unique and engaging, reflecting your voice and your brand, so that you can reach your ideal customers.


Are you looking for convincing and creative content for your website, blog, or online store?

Do you need an original, unique translation of your content into Italian?