Portfolio editorial translation

Editorial Translation

When I approach the translation of a book, I first read the original text carefully to understand its linguistic nuances and style. Then I translate, always following the instructions and style guide provided by the publisher. Finally, before submitting the text for external review, I thoroughly self-check my translation to identify any grammatical errors, typos, or linguistic and stylistic choices that can be improved.

My natural attention to detail allows me to ensure high-quality editing and proofreading. In addition to highlighting linguistic issues, I also focus on content consistency to identify any contradictions or inconsistencies in the text.

My Works

  • Translation of 5 romances published by Triskell Edizioni:
  1. Cicatrici d’argento, Posy Roberts 
  2. Aced, Ella Frank e Brooke Blaine 
  3. Locked, Ella Frank e Brooke Blaine 
  4. Wedlocked, Ella Frank e Brooke Blaine 
  5. Danger Zone, Brooke Blaine e Ella Frank
  • Collaborative translation with Traduttori per la Pace for the project Beautiful Trouble
  • Proofreading of 9 romances translated by Barbara Dalla Villa
  • Proofreading of 3 localized detective games
  • Copy editing of 3 textbooks for language learning