Transcreation is the linguistic process used to recreate a text in a different language, with the aim of adapting it to the target culture.

This is essential to localize advertising and marketing content, to convey your message effectively, from one culture to another.

My linguistic skills are just one of the tools I use to transcreate. The most valuable tool, though, is my profound knowledge of the Italian culture, the culture I’ve lived in all my life.

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In online communication, content is king.

However, writing web content can be tricky because there are many things to consider: target audience, style, tone of voice, the emotion you want to transmit, and, last but not least, search engine optimization.

I can create effective and compelling text and content that can convert with my writing skills and my marketing, web content and SEO knowledge.

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Editorial Translation

To translate a book for publishing (fictional or non-fictional) you need to read inside the mind of the author and understand their intention, tone of voice and style.

And then you need to recreate the same feelings in another language. This challenge is what makes this job amazing.

I translate novels (horror, crime, adventure, love) and non-fictional books, including textbooks, trying to stay as faithful as possible to the intent of the author.

My services also include editing and proofreading, to check the text from a linguistic and narrative perspective. The result must be a coherent, pleasant and typo-free reading.

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Entertainment, education, advertising: multimedia content is having a deep impact on all aspects of our modern lives.

Subtitles are crucial if you want this content to be accessible to everyone and to reach a wider audience.

With my technical and linguistic skills, and using the best technologies, I can provide subtitles and SDH creating them from scratch (including time code) or based on an existing file, assuring linguistic correctness, synchronization, and accessibility.

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